Dear beloved Church of Jesus,

Had yesterday been an ordinary Lord’s Day,

We would have been together

Worshipping under one roof, under one Father

Praising one Lord Yeshua, His name.

Sadly, however, we had to be scattered

To worship online.

What if it is done out of formality…

What if the worship fails…

I agonized and worried so much

But upon hearing later that it was done very graciously,

I was very glad and at peace.

Many have shared how much they miss their pastor,

How much they miss their brothers,

How much they want to go to church…

I worshipped in the KM service with Pastor Jo and Erin and

Could not stop crying the entire time.

The faces in the video,

Brothers and sisters praising in tears,

I terribly missed all.

I wanted to run to them and embrace them all.

What is the Church to me? We have come to realize that

The Church has become “my life.”

We are surprised at ourselves realizing

How big a part Jesus Christ takes in my life.

Although we are currently going through a very challenging time,

It is rather a good opportunity for us to examine our own faith.

So let us all

Cling to the Word we have heard in the past and

Pass through this difficult time.

I pray for the day to come quickly

When we can gather freely to worship together.

— Pastor Kang