This is the week

We are to think deeply of

The suffering of our Lord.

The life of our Lord Jesus Christ was

Suffering itself.

The infinite One was

Born in the finite flesh.

The eternal God entered

Inside finite time.

The free One

Lived as a servant.

The worthy One

Befriended sinners and

Was spat on by lowly ones and

Bore all shame.

The One who spoke

Said no word to defend Himself and

The One who is life enterally

Was put to death.

All this was the price of sin

To be paid by the Untouchables,

Worth less than a worm,

The worst of all sinners — like me!

We can only say to Him,

We are so sorry…

We love You, Lord…

The hardship we are going through right now,

Being worried, afraid, pressed, perplexed…

It is rather a luxury.

We who put on the blood of the Passover Lamb will

Hold our breath and endure this difficult time, and

When the Lord says, “Rise!”

We will bust out of the grave and rise up!

And we will run out!

O Lord,

Let us not sleep the sleep of death.

Awaken us quickly!