04.10.2020 Good Friday

Today is the day

When our Lord came in the flesh and

Endured the ultimate suffering.

Despite the fact that

All men were to receive His grace,

They turned away from Him,

Rejected Him.

We are those who

Received that fact as grace.

We are believers.

But like the Roman soldiers 2,000 years ago who Nailed Yeshua to the tree and

Underneath Him divided up His garments for themselves,

In the hour when the Lord was flogged to give us healing,

We are being cowered by the news from the world!

What if I get infected by this contagious virus,

What if I die…

Casting out demons, the name of Yeshua,

Prayer, healing…

They are nowhere to be find and

All we find of ourselves is religious people.

By the seeds that the devil sowed

Our faith has been eaten up.

O Lord,

Have mercy on us!

Forgive us for not having faith.

On this day let us all

Go before Your cross and

Wail for our lack of faith and cowardice.

As You did not abandon Peter who cowered

Do not abandon us.


My beloved saints,

Let us, even just for one day today,

Cut off the news coming out from the world.