Though we have

Never seen with our eyes

Like Apostle Paul

Made by the Holy Spirit

We are witnesses of the resurrection Jesus Christ.


We became those who

Witnessed the most shocking event in the history of the universe.

A life that will die and

Return to a handful of dust

Now has a hope to live eternally

In an imperishable body.

To live eternally

Without hunger, pain, aging

In the body that will never die,

In the place where there is

No worry, no fear, no lacking…

So even as I hear the news of

Countless people dying of coronavirus each day

I am so thankful.

This year

The gorgeous flowers of the dogwood tree in front of our house

All blew away in the strong winds

Without being admired even once by their owner.

This life that lives briefly and then washes away

Without anyone’s noticing

The Lord has seen from the beginning and

When it was time called me and

Revealed this incredible truth so I could believe and

Led me to church where there are companions of faith

So I am ever so grateful.

This principle that the Lord fulfilled through His death,

To die once and to live again!

And we know this!

So let us once again make the determination

As we endure this difficult time.

As Christians,

Let us not fear death which we will face once day after all and

Let us not dwell on this flesh that will perish and return to dust after all.

To welcome that glorious resurrection,

If we die, let us die boldly;

If we live, let us live with strength.