If you were to ask someone,

“What is the most important thing in your life?”

Then, they might say, “My family,”

While others say, “My health,” or

“My breath.”

When you have all these things

You do not know their importance.

But if you lose them…

They are extremely important.

They mean so much.

You can feel even in your bones

Their value in your life.

Life is not visible to the eye.

When we have life

We do not know its value.

The moment one loses it is

Death and decay.

History teaches us that,

Even if you gain the whole world,

If you lose your life, you lose all.

The Bible tells us

While we have breath in our bodies

We must gain life.


The blood that

He shed when He died is life itself.

If we have this life

We can possess all things.

We can overcome all hardship.

There is nothing more important than life!

The reason why we must obey the Lord’s command is

His command is eternal life.

Even if we have to lose all things…

Let us grasp the life that is

More important than breath!