What is nation to me?

Nation and me

Like the sea and a fish

As a fish cannot be separated from the water that it is in

Neither can I from the nation.

Regardless of my likings or contentment

We have the same fate.

When I was five,

We were liberated from the Imperial Japan.

When I was 10, the Korean War happened and

My family had to separate to evacuate

Not knowing exactly when we will meet again.

After walking endlessly,

The only space available on the evacuation train was

The roof where we laid flat on our belly to pass through the tunnels…

When we got off briefly at Suwon Station

Our train was bombed and

I saw the countless charred bodies inside that train.

Three months later,

We escaped in the middle of the night

Secretly crossing the Han River on a tiny boat,

Stepping out onto the heaps of corpses lying under the bridge.

We returned to our home town only to find it devastated

As poverty awaited us.

At that time,

Riding around in their jeeps were

American soldiers who tossed us

Chocolates! Chewing gum!

To this day, I remember that taste, that joy.

After that there were

The second-hand clothes that I wore for over a decade,

Originally donated from America and then sold at markets.

They made me really happy.

I thought about

The people who lived in a country where

They ate such delicious food, wore such pretty clothes and

Lived in such picturesque homes —

How happy they must be!

Later on, even though our nation was restored

There was still poverty, also a military revolution, political corruptions etc…

A nation with no future…

I thought a lot about the nation.

I grieved the fact that

I happened to be born in this one nation,

Only to live this one life and end in it like this…

How could I go to America and live there?

I planned to study abroad

But even that could not be fulfilled so I was in despair.

That was when I met Yeshua.

Three years and eight months later,

By the time I finally came to America

I was totally a different person

Coming with a different purpose.

The nation where Yeshua rules as Christ!

My King who suffered and was mocked in my place,

Died to pay the price of my sin!

My beloved King!

I was sent off

For the expansion of the nation of Yeshua Christ.

The things that I used to be interested in,

The high rises, the bright night skyline,

Department stores, movie theaters, jewelries, clothings, luxury goods…

Now I have no interest in them.

All I see in my eyes are

Souls of numerous nations…

Lined up headed for the fire of hell.

Today, June 16th, 1985 marks

The 35th Anniversary of the Church of Jesus.

Although many things have happened and

My body has much wasted away,

This faith I have has not changed!

The church is the kingdom where Yeshua reigns as Christ.

I have a clear sense of what a nation is.

Whether happy or sad, burdened or in hardship,

The nation I must sacrifice my life for!

I am truly happy that

I could live for the church and die for the church.

When His nation comes,

I hope that all my comrades and I could

See the glory of that nation.

I pray and pray that

We could surely enter that nation.

Pastor Kang