Letter from Pastor Kang

04.28.2020 “This day” refers to A day that has no promise of tomorrow, Perhaps the last day of the world or Perhaps the last day of my life. On this day What shall I do? Some say they will spend time with their loved ones. Some say they will meet up with those whom they could not meet for a while. Some say they will do good work that they have yet to do. Whatever it will be Everyone will try to do the most valuable thing in their life. I believe In the incarnation of Jesus Christ, That He died and resurrected and ascended to heaven, and That according to His word, With a loud command, the voice of the archangel and the trumpet call The Lord will one day come back from heaven. The many signs we have seen lately Make us tremble and feel How impending that day is. The current coronavirus pandemic has Brought the entire world and its activities To a complete halt. Yet on the day called, “this day,” I have work to do raising up my body and I have a place to move my feet and get to. It is the work of, Like the Lord Early in the morning even before dawn, Going to His temple, Kneeling before the name Yeshua, Praising the name Yeshua and Praying in the name Yeshua! What if I did not even have this work? Ah, even the thought of it suffocates me! I will, therefore, All the more love The hour of prayer. Like Anna, I want to protect the temple and Pray and pray. Until the Lord comes… Until I the soul leave the flesh… My beloved saints, Let us make this time when all our spiritual activities have come to a halt An opportunity to put all effort on prayer. Then, when the time comes, Like the frogs from their hibernation, We will all energetically come running out!